F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What medium do you use to paint?
Nowadays, I mostly paint digitally using a Wacom Cintiq 24HD and in Photoshop.  When traveling, I sketch and paint on an iPad Pro in Procreate. Initially, I started off with pencils, charcoal, and oils, but during my time at Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment, I transitioned over mostly to digital painting due to industry workflow.  If you’d like to see some videos of my painting process, you can view them on my YouTube channel here.

Q. Inspirations
I am inspired by things that I’m passionate about (books, video games, movies, cartoons, art, etc.) and anything that catches my eye. 

Q. Do you do commissions? Can you draw me?
Though the business side of me would love to take on all the commissions and projects, the artist side of me is hesitant to do so.  All the paintings I work on are of things I am passionate about.  I feel like my pieces wouldn’t come out nearly as well if I didn’t have a connection with them.  Strong feelings feed my creative process. For that reason,  if you’re interested in commissioning me, I would need to know more about the project and see if it is something that resonates with me.  

Q. How do you pronounce your name?
Leanne is pronounced ‘Lee-AN’.  My last name Huynh is actually pretty easy once you hear it. It’s simply ‘HWIN’.  Kind of like a breathy ‘win’.

Q. What is ‘faedri’?
The name ‘faedri’ is an alias I’ve used for a very long time. Initially, I used it for my characters in video games, but have also used it as my alternate web address (www.faedri.com) in case people have a hard time typing or remembering www.leannehuynh.com.  

Q. School/Education
I initially graduated from the University of California, Irvine, but learned shortly after that I was sorely lacking in a lot of technical skills so I sought out classes I felt could help supplement the gaps in my art education.  I took many life drawing classes at community/junior colleges, dynamic sketching at Concept Design Academy, figure oil painting classes at Watts Atelier, etc.  I was fortunate to live in an area that had a wide variety of schools to choose from with a wide range of talented industry teachers.  However, with the internet nowadays, it is much easier to find this type of education online no matter where you live.  

Also, not everyone learns the same way and of recent, I’ve found that by doing master studies of paintings and drawings I admire, I can learn and be self-taught in that way.  I highly recommend master studies (a.k.a. copying a painting exactly the way it’s done) to try to learn the painting process and look into the mind of the artist who painted the piece.

Q. How long have you been drawing/painting?
Like everyone, since I was a kid! But drawing/painting seriously…I would say over 10 years.  It’s more about the amount of time spent painting.  I know some are skeptical about the 10,000 hour rule, but the idea has merit in the fact that it is the amount of time you have devoted to perfecting your craft.  Someone who spends 4 hours a day drawing/painting over 5 years can reach the same level as someone who paints 2 hours a day over 10 years.  My advice is just to focus on drawing/painting and improving and not on the amount of time spent.